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uh, Great Britain has 35 gun

uh, Great Britain has 35 gun murders a year... we have 10,000. Your point was? As for your fear mongering that our government would turn tyrannical let me say this. By the constitution the President has 33% power leaving 67% of all legislative power to Congress. Who can we ever be ruled by a tyrant if one person will never gain over 50% control of the government? Your opinion is just that a fear infused opinion with no fact or logic of the sort. The framers built this country so that one individual can not possibly have a controlling stake in legislative matters. So why would they make the 2nd amendment to protect the citizens of America from a tyrant that will never come to pass?

Truth is they instituted the 2nd amendment because we did not at the time have a federally funded Army. So it was passed in the congress to approve a well regulated militia made up of everyday citizens who the government would bestow the right to bear arms for the security and preservation of the original 13 statehoods. remember they lived in the late 1700's to early 1800's they had no air support that could be on the scene down the coast in minutes... they needed armed civilians on the scene that would be able to hold the fort so to speak. That is and always will be the real reason for the implementation of the 2nd amendment. Everyone these days just refers to the second part of the amendment and leaves out the first bit which categorizes it's true intention. Lastly, no one is disarming anyone here... just like we have speed limit signs to limit dangerous and reckless driving... we need gun bans to ban dangerous and reckless firearms (firearms made for war zones not towns and homes) from civilian circulation.


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