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You still miss the point.

You still miss the point. It's not so much the item as it is how lethal the item is... sure you can kill people with a baseball bat, but you can kill a lot more in a shorter amount of time with a gun. You can enhance the carnage with a rapid fire weapon which is what we are really talking about. You absolutely can not shut down all gun violence, but you can limit how much fire power you make available to the public. I know what your next arguement is going to be so let me go ahead and answer that... it's not about criminals getting hands on guns...these mass shooting are committed by law abiding citizens by that I mean these individuals have no rap sheet many don't even have a traffic violation. They are usually socially awkward individuals and will not feel comfortable purchasing weapons on a "Black" market... No, they are going to use weapons that are easy to come by. Case in point Columbine High School... read the journals of those two young men they dreamed of getting their hands on a couple assault weapons. but because of the gun ban they had to settle for what they could find. Trust me if those two young men had the access to two AR-15's they would have committed the largest mass murder in American History that anyone would have trouble beating... if we limit access we limit firepower... if we limit firepower we save lives... and that is a good thing.


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