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It is our right, you moron!

The second ammendment is just that..our right and it's going to stay that way, no matter when it was written and what the conditions were at the time. It's here, it's going to stay and the law abiding citizens in this country will continue to arm themselves, that's what the truth is!
We need to ban dangerous people! They need to remain in prison rather than laughing at the prosecutors on the way out of the revolving courtroom door. The criminals are beginning to realize that we have people that shoot back now. Even though the leftist media won't publish it, there are cases everyday where the criminal falls to the good guy! Nobody can stop some lunatic, mental case that is hell-bent on a mass killing, otherwise the 9-11 incident wouldn't have occurred, Charles Manson wouldn't have succeeded and Hitler wouldn't have murdered over 6 million jews.
If you really believe that banning fireams, ammunition and magazines will halt mass killings, then you should push for the banning of heroin and meth to prevent drug addiction. Oh is illegal already! Well now...guess that sorta proves a big point doesn't it? Pull your head out of your hindquarters and wake up! Changes are needed, but guns aren't the avenue...the sickos and the criminals are.
PS - Observe the crime rate in the UK, Scotland and other European countries. Guns were banned, knife and sword attacks rose over 500% and are still there!


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