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You're correct on all counts here!

And thanks for straightening ol' Jonnie boy out...he's a bit lost, mis-guided and doesn't know much about the doctrines of the country in which he resides. Talks big though...a typical faceless, cyber-warrior on an imaginary soapbox.

One fact that a lot of people are seriously overlooking is: If someone really wants to hurt or kill a lot of people, especially at a relatively close range, a shotgun rules them all. Today, with expanded capacity and drum magazines, the 12 ga. can easily do more damage than a semi-auto rifle, especially in the hands of an inexperienced shooter. This "assault weapon" mentality of our government clearly displays their obvious ignorance, lack of experience and their knee-jerk application of a "solution" that will have no effect on the problem. They are the kind that would put a set of brand new tires on a car that sports a blown engine.


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