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I seriously doubt you EVER served in the military....

I have and most people the the U.S. military don't not feel the way you do. Most in the military remember their oaths that they took to protect the U.S. Constitution. They also know the importance of the 2nd Amendment, too. They will not fire on American citizens who are protecting their 2nd Amendment rights. If you would, I pray to God that I meet you on the battlefield, before you hurt an American fighting for his rights! Oh, the last time I looked, killing unborn babies was not protected under the U.S. Constitution. The ability to protect oneself from criminals and a cruel and unjust government is protected under the U.S. Constitution. Now, answer me this...How are the American people supposed to fight against a corrupt government with muskets?? Oh, and another thing...It seems to me that you feel that the American people owe you some kind of gratitude you and the U.S military, because they are unable to protect themselves against foreign invasion. Only a fool would think that. Example: Why do you think Japan refused to invade the United States after they bombed Pear Harbor? Don't get me wrong, I am glad that we have our awesome U.S military. They are a great first line of defense. The American militia and our 200 plus million American gun owners are an awesome last line of defense. How dare you support Obama on his illegal crusade against our 2nd Amendment!


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