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Time Warner ban on gun ads

Time Warner may or may not have the right to ban ads of any type shown over their cable network. But they seem to be picking on one industry unfairly. In 2012 there were 11,493 people killed by guns in the US and Time Warner has elected to stop showing gun ads. However, in 2010 (the latest year statistics are available for) there were 10,228 people killed by drunk drivers, and 32,885 people killed in motor vehicle accidents. We need to ask why hasn't Time Warner decided to stop showing motor vehicle and alcohol ads. Or is Time Warner planning to not show the Budweiser ads during their broadcast of the Super Bowl? That is not likely to happen. Look at the whole picture not just a small piece of it. Additionally, the news media needs to start reporting fairly. We don't hear much about a family of four killed by a drunk driver, but have that family of four killed by a gun and the news media sensationalize it.


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