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I'm sitting here tying to

I'm sitting here tying to remember when I have ever seen a television advertisement promoting assault rifles and I cannot think of any. However, and unfortunately, I can remember all the stupid commercials promoting alcohol and how many people are killed and injured by people driving drunk? Is Time Warner going to ban all commercials that promote violence or products that can lead to killing? They better ban food ads, I mean, you can easily choke to death on a potato chip. They should stop advertising for McDonald's, because you can definitely have a heart attack if you eat too many Big Macs. What about all those video games that lead to violence? They need to quit advertising those as well, especially since video games are geared toward minors. Are they going to quit airing promos for their violent programming? Seeing Jason Statham beating up someone in a promo commercial might cause someone to go out and beat up someone else. I wonder how many sex offenders use Viagra or other erectile function medications. Time Warner should drop those commercials as well. And while their at it, they should not promote feminine hygiene products either. After all that highlights a part of PMS and we all know how some of us females can be during that time of the month. I could go on and yes, I have exaggerated a bit, but I think you get my point.


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