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I have a question to all automatic gun owners. If you continue to say that "guns don't kill people, people kill people", than I would guess that if someone who kills innocent people while driving, you would also say that the car killed those innocent people, not the driver. Or lets take it a little farther, shall we!!!!
If someone kills a group of innocent people with a bomb, then it was the bomb who killed the people not the person wearing the bomb or detonating the bomb.
One last statement.
The Constitutional amendment that you murderers hide behind was written when weapons were single shot weapons not something that would fire 50 shots in 10 seconds. It was written so men could come to the aide of his country or his family or his neighbor. It wasn't written so nuts could get their hands on weapons that could wipe out a whole elementary school.
Maybe if your family were wiped out by a nut with an automatic weapon then the next time you go deer hunting with a 60 or 40 round clip and 5 more in your pack you might just ask yourself.
Why did I need sooooooo many shots just to bring down that one defensless deer?


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