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It really doesn't matter if

As a veteran I am aware that there is is only one purpose for an assault rifle, its not for target practice, its not for hunting, and hopefully its not for home invasion, it is to kill and/or mame your enemy. The power behind such a projectile will tear through an interior wall with enough force to kill someone in another room. For Gods sake why do we need to sell the banana clips too for these weapons.
I have no problem with anyone owning a hunting rifle or shotgun to be used for hunting, taget practice, or home invasion.
I hear the arguement all the time that it is our 2nd admendment right to bear arms. Think back into the times when the constitution was written, if we want to take it litterally, how many different types of weapons were available? How many different types are available now? If we do not stop this love affair with weaponry soon people will be wanting RPG's, 50 calibers, and a M60. Hey they are great to clear a beaver dams are house demolision. In all seriousness no one want to take away our right to bear arms, just the weapons of war.


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