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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

One of the eye witness is definitively tainted because she has a personal Vendetta against one of the accused and his family.

She recently got left for a man after many years in a same sex relationship with a CLOSE relative of his.

I have NOTHING against same sex relationships (love is love).

However, it is a huge blow to the ego to get left for a man after a 10-12 year relationship.

The scar is still so recent and fresh....

She has tried everything else to get back into the family and of course it's hurtful to be rejected on so many levels after so many years.

Point being: Everything's not always as black and white as it may seem.

Look at her criminal record since having been "left" as compared to the previous 10-12 years..... it's obvious, she went a little nuts....

I bet the victims family didn't know about the alterior motives as they listened to the story.

Along with the other substantiated evidence that she has tried many other tactics to get back at the family due to the rejection.

Might not hurt to do a little research, the big picture should begin to show itself as the truth always prevails.


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