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"Oooopsie Daisy"

First! My condolences go out to the "3" that were injured, but!
It was this guys RIGHT to carry a fire arm fully loaded, to a gun show I guess, right or wrong?
Does the law say this guy (Wilson) had the right to do this, or not???
I suspect Not, but he felt his rights would have been violated if he were not allowed to be able to carry a loaded weapon to this show (and no), he didn't forget to unload it either before leaving the house. Or maybe he left it loaded in case someone tried to kill him with a weapon on the way to Raleigh.
Heads up folks! With all of these "rights" about these fire arm ownership issues coming forth, there will be an incident occur within our country soon enough, to rubber stamp someone's belief of gun ownership in a deranged way, and kill innocent people in its wake.
These recent news stories of people carrying a weapon(s) on their person into a store/public place to show that they have a right to do so, do they smile when watching the news when viewing citizens (idiots) in the Middle East walking around the streets toting a gun ready to drop someone at any given moment, and shooting their weapons in the air? Probably they do smile, and/or picture themselves shooting back to drop the guy in a second, and walk away a hero. Then someone drops him because the domino effect has then taken hold.
For those of you that hunt, if our Government took away your weapons, and said if you wanted that deer meat, you would have to poison that deer, or any hunted animal to get it, would you give up hunting? Probably, because it's not the humane way! Man has always got to have the upper hand, and a gun will secure that feeling of the humane way it seems, doesn't it?


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