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Sorry Mr Smith

But our conservative Supreme Court has ruled that the 2nd amendment is for SELF defense in District of Columbia v Heller.
Justice Scalia - along with all the other conservatives judges emphasized the self part of defense in their majority opinion. He even went so far with his comments to suggest that there already ARE restrictions on the 2nd amendment (no guns in Federal State or school buildings for example) and that restrictions on the types of guns are legal - using terms like "absolutely" and phrases like "certainly there are restrictions".
What bothered me about Scalia is that on Fox News he went even further saying that back "in the day" carrying head axes was prohibited because it was a large threatening weapon. It was a misdemeanor but still against the law.
The tyranny you fear is in your head. OUR form of government has checks and balances to prevent such tyranny. We also have our standing army to prevent foreign tyranny!
Keep in mind also that in the days of writing the Constitution the right to bear arms was critical because when called to serve the people supplied their own weapons. Gun smithing was a very slow laborious process then. The Continental Army even had to import weapons.........



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