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You mistook Reagans quote as my opinion.
I agree that criminals should be incarcerated for crimes - especially those that involve guns.
That said just who will pay for the prisons needed? For the guards? For their state pensions?
I say let the free market make it cost prohibitive up front. Testing gets SOME stupid people away from guns.
Registration lets the police (and judges) know who's got guns so that if a crime is committed with a gun we have more knowledge of where that gun came from.
Eye exams keep us old folks from owning guns when our "aim" might not be so good.
And insurance?
Try this. Make having an unlocked, UNATTENDED gun in your home a FELONY. Insurance required for protecting you against liability for injuries incurred during the committing of a crime where your stolen gun was used.
Gun owners are our own worst enemies - as witnessed by this shooting in Raleigh. We do not know if Mrs Lanza had her guns locked in Newtown - but again - irresponsible gun owners should also be punished, so make it a criminal offense to have unsecured weapons unless the owner is present.
If it's a felony and the gun owner is convicted - then his/her right is taken away - because they are felons and the law is already on the books and tested in the courts.
Sure put the criminals in jail as they should be.
But gun ownership comes with responsibility. It should be taken seriously.
At least I can see past my gun sights to look at the entire problem



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