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Reagan went further

“Every year, an average of 9,200 Americans are murdered by handguns, according to Department of Justice statistics. This does not include suicides or the tens of thousands of robberies, rapes and assaults committed with handguns. This level of violence must be stopped.”

--Ronald Reagan, in a March 29, 1991 New York Times op-ed in support of the Brady Bill.

Of course when people put Dem or Rep in front of something the opposition goes apoplectic.
Funny how looking back at Reagan and his stances makes him look different eh?
It's kinda like people opposed to Obama Care.
Nixon had legislation ready that created a single payer (government) insurance system. Yet today we rail against so called liberalism of Obama Care. Its a decidedly republican idea like Mass Care under Romney.
The same political slants hold true for guns....



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