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Go ahead, put new tires on a car with a blown engine...

...and try to drive it to Colorado. That makes about as much sense as the majority of your points.

So your mentality suggests that we should allow violent criminals to go free because of money? Paying for prisons, turnkeys, pensions? If this country has enough money to provide free healthcare for those that don't pay, free cellphones to those that don't need them, free housing and food for those that won't get off their duffs and absorb the cost of illegal aliens invading our country, we can sure as hell afford to keep criminals behind bars! You put them to work and strip their free benefits.

You actually want to charge a homeowner with a felony because a thief breaks into his house and steals his weapon? You want "insurance" to protect a gun owner in the case his weapon is stolen and used in a crime? Where is your head and what could you possibly think any of these things will do to curb criminal violence with firearms? That IS the goal, right? It appears you simply don't want guns in the hands if law abiding citizens because you insinuate they are all stupid. WRONG. More people die at the hands of educated doctors that screw up than with misplaced, mishandled and stolen firearms. Plain out stupidity is a problem, just as it is in any factor of life and it cannot be ruled out and we all know it can't be "fixed".

I don't have a problem with proper gun training and qualification. I don't have a problem with registration and I don't have a problem with background checks and mental evaluations, but the remainder of your pipe dreams serve no purpose and only add even more complexity to an existing series of fully ineffective laws that already go unenforced!


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