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You have "fun facts", but you can flush them...

...with rest of the sewage. The fact is that the re-incarceration rate is even greater than than the initial lock-up rate and that doesn't even count how many times the average criminal has been before the judge before he finally gets any substantial time.

The problem is: We have are criminals with access to guns and mental cases with access to guns. In the vast majority, the criminals and the mental cases steal the guns or get them from the black market. Honest people aren't out there stealing weapons and using them in crimes. Lock up the criminals, keep them there. Take away their Cable TV, workout rooms and make them perform constructive community service every day.

A large prison population means nothing about it effectiveness, in fact it does just the opposite. When you a have large prison populations AND a high violent crime rate, that's telling you something. Now...go do a little research on the ex-cons that continue to commit violent crime in this country...over and over again!


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