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Again try reading

A person who's guns are LOCKED up suffers NOTHING if stolen. The owners insurance may or may not have to kick in
The person who leaves home and leaves their guns unlocked gets charged.

Of course you want to allow gunowners all sorts of indiscretions so that when they bring their loaded unlocked shot guns to the Raleigh gun show they can kill or maim anyone.
And you wonder why the anti gun nuts go off when something like this happens?
If Adam Lanza's Mom knew her son was mentally challenged don't you think it would make her be MORE careful with her guns? Maybe lock them up and hide the key? Change thelocks if in fact he was aware of where the existing keys were? Maybe move the guns until Adam was committed?
My point about the prisons was that we ALL want "the other guy" to pay, or the other guy to be responsible - then we rail against criminals as if they were the cause of all gun violence.
We never, NEVER point the finger of blame at ourselves. Adam Lanza should have NEVER been allowed to shoot a gun. And Mrs Lanza - should not have had that much firepower available for Adam to steal - if that is in fact what he did.
And that idiot in Raleigh? He should be charged.
But if you want mentally ill people to not have guns you will need to evaluate them first. Supposedly 20% of all people suffer some sort of paychological disorder - are you ready for 20% of current gun owners to be deemed unfit by a doctor?
This subject is complex, but a comparison to cars is in fact kinda cool. A doc can restrict your driving ability without taking away your keys. Meds can affect your ability to drive reponsibly - both autos and guns can be deadly



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