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so Guest 461

"I don't have a problem with proper gun training and qualification. I don't have a problem with registration and I don't have a problem with background checks and mental evaluations, but the remainder of your pipe dreams serve no purpose and only add even more complexity to an existing series of fully ineffective laws that already go unenforced!"

Lets assume you are a gun owner and you now have to undergo a psych exam to maintain your ability to own a gun. You are depressed but don't know it.
Are you then allowed to keep your guns?
What if you are taking meds for your affliction?
See how this can go?
The meds might have the warning on them "Do not drive or operate machinery while taking this medicine" - should it not include do not shoot or handle guns while taking this medicine?

The mental health issue IS problematic - as 20% of the population is under the care of a doc for mental illness and are taking meds for them.
I wholeheartedly agree that criminals will get guns by whatever means.
But a responsible gun owner won't make it easy for them.....



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