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In your rush to judgement your forgot your ability to read.
Homeowner not home? Burglar breaks in steals the locked guns?
No problems
Homeowner not home and guns NOT locked? Charge the gun owner (Misdemeanor for first offense - I'll be kind)
Homeowner there? Locks not needed.

Of course if everyone was a responsible gun owner and took care of their weapons we wouldn't be talking about guns going off at the fairgrounds, or someone taking Mommy and Daddys guns and shooting up the family now would we? (Then later WalMart). Nuts like Adam Lanza "happen"
Of course if we want background checks to weed out "nut cases" I suppose current gun owners would have to undergo a shrink exam.
Would YOU Pass?
You could always get your union organizer buddies at the NRA to defend you you know.
Pay your dues to lobby the government - sounds so "AFL-CIO" doesn't it?
Annual renewals
Background checks

If I get 80% of what I want to see I'll be happy.
But if we undergo shrink exams be prepared to have 20% of gun owners lose their ability to own.



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