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You people are a joke

Wow... So people think this is a pwer trip? You want to file a complaint? Well, I will inform you that this article fails to mention the whole situation (go figure, the media reports what they want you to hear) The businesses were notified of the parade and road closings! They have parades downtown several times a year and have for as long as I can remember. The police are always there doing THEIR job by blocking off the streets so people can not drive thru the parade. This is a safety issue not a power trip. They are told- block the streets so no one can go thru, you think because he is "media" he gets special treatment?? Leave earlier knowing the streets were blocked off, when an officer is blocking you from driving down the street DO NOT inch towards them pushing them out of your way, dont cuss and disrespect someone from doing their job when you were late to do your own. He should have been arrested for endangement, he should have been arrested for many more things considering his actions after being forced to follow the rules. They apply to everyone. He is not special!!


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