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Other parades are on weekends

This was a completely different situation than a parade that is on the weekend when the most people don't have to go to and from work. Choosing to move this parade to Front Street on a weekday and forcing everyone who lives or works along that route to be locked in their parking lot for 2-3 hours was flat-out stupidity. Yes it was MLK Day, but unless you are a government employee you most likely had to work yesterday.

Plain and simple, people have the RIGHT to do their jobs, In the case of WWAY, that means leaving at a moments notice to cover a breaking story. There's no reason WPD could not have let him cross the street when it was clearly safe. The streets are closed during parades to prevent needless traffic on the roads, not to bring a business to a screeching halt when a reasonable accommodation can be made for them. As a taxpaying citizen, Scott has every right to use a public street...especially when he has a job to do. Maybe these "public servants" aka WPD officers should be charged with unduly hindering a lawfully operating business and interfering with Scott's right to make a living doing an honest job. Before you start laughing, these charges would be no less outlandish than the baloney they charged Scott with.


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