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A lot of Anger is evident in these posts...

...and seems that people with the propensity to display such anger about someone they don't even know (Scott) should find a better avenue for release of their emotions! Go to the gym, run 5 miles, do some pushups, go pound a wrecked car with a baseball bat, but do something before you pop a vessel or go off on your little kids. The display of hatred as I read here is no less than disturbing!

A truce should be struck here. There are two parties equally at fault. WWAY's news team should've planned better for the event. Perhaps they were fully unaware that roadway access from their parking lot would be impeded. On the flip side, the police should've been a little more accomodating and drop their usual hard-nose, gustapo tactics. This simply did not have to be a zero-compromise conflict to arise over this unfortunate set of circumstances.

You kids need to learn to play nice now!


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