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Oh yes, they are indeed responsible and law-abiding....

...citizens working at WWAY. The news anchor from WWAY that got stopped last year for driving careless and reckless on MLK was being the complete definition of law-abiding. Wonder why you never heard about that? Ask WWAY. Ask WWAY why they not only failed to report that, but also failed to divulge the outcome. I'll give you a hint: What happened and the outcome of it would NOT make you feel very comfortable driving around town if you knew that particular news anchor/idiot was driving on the roads at the same time you are. And we can't have WWAY looking anything less than perfect in every way, now can we.

PLEASE. Gimme a break. WWAY gave up reporting news YEARS ago. Scott Pickey has only deepened and furthered that cause with his insistence on yellow "journalism" at all turns. There's a simple litmus test to prove this. Contact WWAY and ask them who they call and how often they call when they want to be briefed on news happening in the city of Wilmington and in New Hanover County and the beaches. I guarantee you that if they do answer you - TRUTHFULLY - you will be STUNNED to learn just how out of touch WWAY is when it comes to being a REAL media outlet and reporting actual NEWS. Contact the agencies that WWAY should be requesting information from if they were actually interested in printing REAL news about what's happening here locally. Public record means you can ask how often someone calls a public service agency requesting assistance, including a phone call requesting information.

I'll be absolutely STUNNED if this comment winds up actually getting posted to WWAY's site, but I'm sure if it does, it will only be done to placate misguided folks like yourself as WWAY tries to cover its dirty little tracks and PRETENDS to be a real, honest-to-god media outlet til the heat from this blows over.

Regarding your other statements about law enforcement could not be wrong on every single claim you tried to make. They are NOT poorly trained. They go through lengthy and extensive BLET training just to become officers. Once hired by a department, they then have to undergo further hands-on on-the-job training in patrol with a senior officer until such time that the senior officer believes they are ready to patrol the streets on their own. Turnover is NOT rampant. The ranks are thin because this is a difficult economy, and local governments are forced to make difficult calls when deciding whether money should be spent on something like putting another officer on the street, or giving more money to local schools to help our teachers help our students. The majority of local law enforcement agencies have officers and deputies who have been on the job for at LEAST 5 years. I have no idea how you reached the conclusion that leadership is lacking but that's quite possibly one of the most ludicrous things I've read in a while. EVERY law enforcement agency in New Hanover County has AT LEAST one sergeant in charge of patrol units that are out on the street. WPD also has at least two corporals working with each shift as well. NHSO has one sergeant and one corporal out patrolling the streets at all times, in addition to at least five to six deputies patrolling the north end and the south end of the county. Both WPD and NHSO always have at least one lieutenant patrolling each shift as Watch Commander as well. Oh yes, I can back up my statements. Can you?

Yes, there are mundane tasks that officers have to do. It isn't by choice. The officers don't choose it, and neither do any of the leaders from each department. But when Mrs. Noseyfool calls for an officer at 2 in the morning to complain about her neighbor's dog barking, an officer has to go and check it. Funny thing...when citizens call and demand officers respond to truly stupid crap like barking dogs while hiding behind the supremely arrogant statement "I PAY YOUR SALARY!", officers have to go. The public alone is to blame for officers having to respond to moronic crap like barking dogs, loud fireworks, etc. Parents call and demand officers come to their homes to tell their 11-year-old kid to stop arguing with Mummy and Daddy just so that Mummy and Daddy don't have to be parents/"the bad guy". They HAVE to respond to idiot crap like this because people like YOU believe you're "entitled". Cops are NOT your servants. Neighbor's dog bothering you? Grow and pair and go tell the neighbor yourself. Loud fireworks? It's the Fourth of July...get over yourself. Kids acting up in your home while you just wanna drink your 2nd bottle and watch Family Guy? Do it yourself. You laid down and made those go be a parent now.

Revenue agents with guns? Seriously? There's a real simple answer to this. END ALL CRIME EVERYWHERE, Genius, and cops won't be needed anymore. Til you do that, SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP because you clearly have NO idea what you're talking about. They're simply doing the job that mouthbreathers like you everywhere demand with your idiotic behavior. It's easy to make ridiculous claims such as yours when you've never had to do a cop's job. Since you're clearly neither mentally nor physically strong enough to do an officer's job, sign up for a ridealong. Both WPD and NHSO offer them. Make sure you schedule it for a Friday or a Saturday when the weather is above 40 degrees, and preferably when you can be with an officer in the city around 2 a.m. (bar close). If you don't walk away from that experience with a long-overdue respect for cops, you're more of an idiot than even I suspected.

And if all of this still means that Wilmington is, in your stupid opinion, a sad city, by all means...LEAVE. GET OUT. MOVE AWAY. Go find the Utopia you think exists. Write back when you've grown up a little, junior.


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