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Simple solution:

None of it happened? Your station's cameras were obviously working...where's the footage BEFORE you sped off? Where's the footage of right before you came to a stop? The footage between you speeding off and you on the ground - ALL OF IT - needs to be shown. Where's the audio? If you're so completely righteous, and your cameras where there and working, why did we only get a few seconds of OBVIOUSLY edited footage?

You can't have it both ways, Scott. You can't make a career out of crucifying others when you don't know the full story, and you certainly can't sweep your own bad actions and seriously flawed judgment under the rug just because it would make you look bad or feel uncomfortable.

Your station sure didn't shy away from jumping on the bandwagon that demanded the dashcam footage of the final seconds of a police officer's life. Your viewers are likewise not interested in anything less than full disclosure of what REALLY happened now that you are in the hot seat. Just because you work for the video equivalent of the National Enquirer does not mean you're above the law.


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