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Two main issues as I see it...

The continued actions of the City Council demonstrates a lack of self-awareness and an utter disconnect from sound business practices. (convention center/hotel debacle, minor League ballpark/debacle, overburdensome permitting process, anti-business climate).

Perception of self-interest and wrong doing on the part of local politicians. Rather real or imagined, it always appears individual council members have a beneficial stake in whatever racket they seem to cook up. Why would Bill Saffo, or any of them do that job for the pay? They don't.

Because the individuals that serve on the County Commission and City Council have had personal success in their own lives, they tend to believe that "they know best" and lord over their desires.

Just because your Daddy had success, handed it down to you, and you have parlayed that into further success, doesn't necessariy mean your are an economist, a strategic planner, etc.

There is a strange inferiority complex in this town when it comes to politicians...Wilmington is a lot of great things, but it is not or never will be a Charleston, Savannah, or even, I dare say a Myrtle Beach. They need to quit trying to compete on a level to compensate for the things Wilmington never will have or be.


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