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Trumped up?

Few comments for the uninformed 666....

Seriously? Crossing the center line should not be a crime? Invading privacy? Did you even put one "ounce" of thought into your post before you hit submit? The "ounce" being a pun and obviously what you smoked before you wrote that ridiculous comment. You justify crossing the line because you might have been texting and unintentionally drifted over?

Im not sure who scares me more, you or the driver of that car......

How many people do you think die because someone crossed the center line. Impaired or not do you seriously not see the consequences, especially in a 55 mph zone, of a head on collision? Obviously you have never seen the horror of that. And in just reading the news article it appears that she ran off of the road first then shot across the "center line" hence the charge of failing to maintain her lane. Yes,I firmly believe that you should be stopped if you "simply cross" the center line if anything to find out if you were a potential murderer like this girl obviously was. Amazingly no one else was hurt yesterday.

So I ask, and I really cant expect much here but what was "trumped up by the police" when SHE drove impaired and SHE ran off of the road and SHE flipped her car and SHE was ejected becasue SHE wasnt wearing a seatbelt and SHE was found with illegal and prescription narcotics in her purse and in her system at the hospital..... at what point did the cops set out to frame or "trump" up the charges against her? At what point was her "privacy" invaded. SHE chose to drive moron, her "right to privacy" was left in her driveway when she left the house.

3 charges...... DWI, fail to maintaine lane and no seatbelt.... sound alot better than 2 counts of second degree murder and many many lives ruined. Grow up kid, you will find that when you stop tokin all day that the real world does not revolve around you and your idiotic beliefs.


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