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"They're Off!"

Who will win in the 3rd race across the board this Friday? Ice Horse...or Horses Rains?
Forecast predictions via: Facebook/Tweetin'/Hacker's Baby/My Space/Your Space/You Tube/Me Tube/and "Save the Meat Fat for Gramma Tube".:
When the squirrels and birds start knocking each other's lights out for grub in your yard...look out! You have 2 days to observe this.
My forecast...Sunny and high 65 "on Friday"...or you get a free diamond! I didn't say which Friday ;-)
Locals say...West of I-95 (Snow/Sleet) East of I-95 (Rain). That's because so many cars/planes are heading (flying) South on and above creates a clockwise downward motion in our lower and upper atmosphere, churning the wind currents back towards the West by way of South West...and the frozen liquid simply stays there. It has this effect from sea level, up to 37,000 feet where it's -60 below zero. Now you know.
Friday's forecast depends on Air/car traffic heading South on and over I-95.
Thank you...thank you!! (That will be 5 bucks please) :-)


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