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Voter ID

What is the problem with showing an ID for something as important as a vote in an election. I feel that the fact that some folks are against it says - we have something to hide. I'm just not getting it. You have to go the DMV to get a photo ID for a drivers license to drive a vehicle. Ok while it's important to have - its driving a car and quite frankly NO license - NO driving a car, (even though people still do drive without a license and probably hold their breath everytime they are behind the wheel that they are not stopped.) I don't need to hear the whining from folks, here is an easy solution. There is a little less than 4 years before our next major presidential election - so everyone is put on notice. Next election - NO photo ID of some type - NO VOTING!! Simple as a matter of fact. There have been many excuses given why it can't be done, or is it the fact that shadiness will not be allowed to happen - With something so important why is there even a discussion on this matter. And let's go one step further - I am sick of hearing about hanging chads, missing votes, paper ballots and everything else that goes along with the election cycle. Let's just face this fact. THERE SHOULD BE ONE VOTING MACHINE OF THE SAME TYPE FOR EVERYONE. Take bids from the companies making the equipment, choose one company and then everyone has to have that machine in place by the next election. With something so important in this day and time why, oh why do we still have the same problems. Or is it the fact it would be legitimate. People wake up, lets all get on the same page.


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