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Bladen County is a joke. I

Bladen County is a joke. I have lived here over 30 years and can give hundreds of examples of the failures of our 'fine' County Law Enforcement. They are so outstanding that a deputy removing a baby snake warranted a front page photo spread in the Bladen Journal. I guess because they suck so bad for the most part at actually doing their jobs.

Channel 3.....if you really want a story that will blow the place out of the water...start investigating every attorney in town starting with the County attorney. Also do some real investigative journalism and dig deep, check even the judges that work the courts in Bladen County. You make this investigation publicly announced and I will personally hand you more than enough material to give you one helluva jumpstart on your expose.

What happened to Josh was wrong and the County IS responsible. Getting locked up on FTA? Amazingly.....I would be curious as to how old the warrant is.......because they are supposed to be served within 30 days but, seemingly that is another thing in this County. I have seen warrants over 2 years old served and nothing said by the court judge when it came back before him.

The LEO of Bladen County are, for the most part, a big joke. Do I feel safe in Bladen? NO
Does either of my children feel safe in Bladen? NO
Does it do any good for a woman to try to get help on domestic violence in Bladen? NO! (They will threaten to lock her up too......regardless of the circumstances or injuries)
For the one or two decent Deputies out there....dudes I hate that you are working with the backwoods hillbilly redneck version of the keystone cops with guns.


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