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judgmental beast

For cry me a river, Take this into consideration Say for instance your husband , or father , son ECT... is comeing home from work and recieves a speeding violation, if he was speeding or not, guilty or innocent at this point , it is beside the point. Anyway he goes to court the lawyer says everythings taken care of go on home have a great week, and so on. A few days later he goes to the store and the cops pull in behind him and arrest him for failure to appear , claiming he did not go to court. He says "oh yes I did ,this matter has been takeing care of." The cop says according to this warrent you didnt, turn around. They handcuff him. Take him to jail. He trys to contact his lawyer, and for some reason can not. Maybe he leaves him a couple of messages. He deciedes to try to sleep to maybe pass the time till his lawyer comes and bails him out. Its not easy getting out of jail on a charge of failure to appear. He goes to sleep. With in two hours, you get a call, not from the jail house, but from a random friend telling you your husband has a serious head injury, with bleeding on his brain. All over a minor traffic violation. Cry me a river, you are apparantly an ignorant,, pompous , heartless, person. I can tell by your statements that you think you are above and better than most of the population, and that you obviously do not believe in innocent until proven guilty. This kind of thing could happen to anyone. Believe it or not by mistake , of course, It could happen to you, even though you are perfect. It could be a mix up in names or something. I could be mad at you go to the magistrates office and tell him you stole something from me or hit me, or you keep calling my phone makeing threats, or a hundred other things. Even though I would be was lieing , the police would come get you and lock you up until you were bailed out. It would be your job to prove your innocence and you could be beaten to a bloody pulp in the time between arriving and leaving, though you would be totally innocent. Are you picking up what Im putting down here. OH yeah, and by not using your name, you and everyone else on here that does not, looks to me to be cowards that voice what ever trash they want to spit at people yet are ashamed to back it up with there identity. Like they are ahamed, but in this case I dont blame you at all, because I too would be very ashamed if I wrote that stupid trash you wrote.


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