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Smoking Cigarettes on County Property???

Am I wrong about this? Didn't Bladen County prohibit smoking on county property? Most counties and cities have taken this measure. I see taxes going up in Bladen County next year to pay for this lawsuit, if Mr. Ward pursues it.

I also envision a lawyer being disciplined or disbarred for failing to do their sworn duty as an officer of the court. Why hasn't the lawyer's name been published? Any good news article answers: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW, the news item occurred. The arresting officer's name isn't mentioned. The jail has an AOC computer database in the magistrate's office. The jailer's names are not mentioned, those that were outside smoking (if they were).

Why didn't the officer who arrested Mr. Ward have taken a few seconds to verify the status of the victim's case? I's sure that the first thing out of Mr. Ward's mouth is similar to: "Officer, my lawyer got the case continued. There is a paper trail to prove it. A quick check of the system will prove it to you." The OAC database is available 24/7 if someone will take time to access it.

An outside agency should be brought in to do an unbiased investigation and let the chips fall where they will. It appears, in my opinion, that too many officials dropped the ball here. They need to be identified and released to the press. I hope that WWAY will put their best investigative reporter on this case, not to solve it but to publish names of all involved, not in an accusatory fashion, but to inform the public who watches WWAY to get the news.


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