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Sounds like a great service doesn't it?
Check this out from the story:
"Wilmington Transit says it is working with Bring It! Downtown to promote safe and affordable fun."
Safe affordable fun. Sounds great - sounds like the baseball crowd with family entertainment.
Now you get to the real story in the next line:

"...but organizers, who did not want to go on camera, say the service will cut down on DWIs and other traffic violations as well."

So, let's call it what it really is - a blatant attempt to keep drunk college kids from getting behind the wheel. Thats great - but at least be honest about it.
And Bring it! Dowtown? You folks are tacitly admitting that this is what downtown is all about aren't you? By getting involved in this you are proving beyond any show of doubt, that down town is for drinking - especially after 9:30 pm on friday and saturday nights.

Why can't you guys be honest - I mean REALLY? Just say it : "This service will help prevent accident and injury caused by drunks coming out of our down town area that is over populated by drinking establishments.



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