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Why not? They hired Elizabeth Warren so they'll hire anybody...

Warren checked the race portion of every college and law school employment application as white until she was 38 years old. While teaching law in Pennsylvania, she filled out forms for a faculty law directly to classify herself as Native American so she was put on a national short list of "minority law professors."

Harvard hired the blue eyed, blonde, fair skinned Warren as its "Visiting Professor of Color" (no seriously) and eventually gave her a full professorship and tenure - at which time she dropped the Native-American claim of ancestry and resumed identifying herself as white. When asked by reporters last year why Cherokee genealogists insist she is not Native American and in fact, one of her ancestors likely killed a Cherokee, her defense was that her "grandfather had high cheekbones." An uncomfortable moment no doubt.

There's evidence that she practiced law for about 20 years without a license and advised large companies in lawsuits against individuals and smaller companies - all the while insisting she fights for the middle class that's "getting hammered." She also used her 0% interest loans from Harvard to purchase and sell foreclosed properties in her home state - feeding the credit beast she claims to hate.

So yeah, even the great Harvard can get duped.


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