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more checks out their in New Hanover

Their are a bunch of people waiting on their consignment checks from Britts for bikes that sold months ago. They have been converting those funds to private use. Nice fluff peiece by the news the other night, like its th economy that brought this snake down. Lets see convicted of altering VIN numbers and falsifying documents to DMV. Con men gain trust, then rip you off, gives riding a bad name. Try and dig a little and you will find multiple people given bad checks in wilmington area, when presented they bounced, Britts is telling them wait till he gets this loan. WHO IS GOING TO LOAN THIS GUY ANY MONEY, REALLY. their money for their privatly owned motorcycle is gone. its theft by conversion, time for all to step forward or you will be waiting through bankruptcy court for 5 to 10% of what you lost. In the mean time you will be making your bike payments on a bike you do not won anymore.

lets not even mention his jacksonville operation, selling bikes to combat returning vets, that did not have a motorcyle endorsement or learners permit, getting them high interest rate loans, etc... Run this guy right to jail.


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