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Karma's a bitch...

As opposed to many that may know Mr. Britt on a professional level, I have had the opportunity to know him on a personal level as well...and there is a huge gap between the man and the image that he projects. He got a little bit of money in his pocket and felt like he could take advantage of the very people (i.e., his employees and customers) that allowed him to prosper in the first place. Typical uneducated, redneck philosophy. His huge false-ego overtook his little brain and he convinced himself that he was better than everyone else, as well as being "above the law". He tried to build a "motorcycle dynasty" and all that he succeeded in doing was to destroy everything that his father had built before him. He blames his failure on the economy. Bullshit. I blame his failure on himself, his lack of business acumen and more than anything, the way he treated people that he foolishly believed were "below" him. Sure, he organized "public service" events, but only did so in hopes of putting more money in his pocket. He cares about no one but himself...and ironically, that seems to be all that he has left. I don't make it a habit of kicking someone when they are down, but I couldn't think of a more deserving party. I'm just happy that I don't possess a check with his signature on it. Karma, as they say, is a real bitch...


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