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a poker run for scott, to give him funds

A sucker born every minute, only goes to show you these old sayings come from somewhere. Yes, people are organizing a charity run for Scott on the idea he will pay his debts with it. lets get the facts, he filed chapter 7 bankruptcy, he will write off all his debt. He obviously owes back taxes which can not be cleared in bankruptcy, hope the irs are at the charity table collecting every dime, other wise suckers, if your a taxpayer we will end up covering scotts taxes in the end.
This assumption that he is a victim of the economy is just nuts. he is a victim of poor decisions, rapid unattainable expansion, and personal finacial irresponsiblility. Not to add in the conviction of altering VINS on bikes that lost him his rice burning dealerships.
What a country, step up dummies, give the con man some more free money. Charity starts at home not for this bizzare event. Nuta are even giving money to a fund he set up himself on the internet, wow... is all I can say, what a country we live in... love it.


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