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When you believe in things you don't understand...

That malarkey came from a Civitas Institute report that has been shot full off holes by everyone from the US Department of Energy to Greenpeace.
The premise of the Civitas report is that when the wind doesn't blow gas turbines would have to be started to make up the difference. Stopping and starting a gas turbine is less efficient than letting it run all the time. That would be true if the electrical grid was solely dependent on one source of electrical generation at a time. But the reality is the grid is fed constantly from a variety of sources. A wind turbine contributes to the grid thus reducing the demand on nuclear and fossil fuel based generation systems.

Environmental? More birds die from mercury and other food chain contamination sources related to generation from coal than they do from wind turbine strikes. The Turbines will be offshore away from populated areas so the claims of illness from electromagnetic radiation along with neurological problems from the noise or vibration will not be applicable.

I'm no friend of Republicans, but Gov McCrory is right on this one.


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