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stay away

Please tell me what in the world has anything you said have to do with a man being beaten while in jail??????? The route you are talking about are rural areas not city like Fayeteville. While I dont keep a messy yard and house, I pay taxes, so If I wanted to I could. The goverment already tells us what to do enough. Why should anyone care what you think of there house, yard, or car. Last i CHECKED THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A FREE COUNTRY. Alot of our rights have been taken away because people are offended, people are all up in others business. You keep your house , yard and property like you want them and let everyone else keep theres like they want. Even , if it offends your fairy tale eyes, it does nothing to harm you or anyone else in any way for people to have there propertys in disarray. Next thing you know people will want zoning because they dont like the color of there houses. Now if you dont like the way our county looks keep your butt out of it. Is there anything you would like to say about this poor man that has been beaten half to death, or do you not like his looks eithier.?


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