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I like the earlier comment on internal investigastions never being made public.. Just a little insight, see the story and video of Mike Hubbard (former Bladen County Jailer). Umm.. Deputies do not work in the Jail.. Jailers do.. They are not sworn officers and their scope of practice is maintaining the custody of incarcerated individuals IN THE JAIL.. Most of the time there are 2 to 3 jailers maintaining 90 to 100 individuals at a time.. yea that many in a Jail built to house 79... If you want something different, voice it by VOTING for it.. The comment made about why Joshua Ward was arrested was rediculous... Maybe we should use your train of thought and trust every statement made.. Try this: Individual with bloody knife standing next to a stabbed victim.. ok.. still with me?? You ask the individual, "Did you stab them??" they reply, "No, I was hanging out, watchin tv." you say, "Well what about the knife?" and they reply " I cut up a tomato with it." In your world, maybe you should have him make you a salad, while somebody else comes to clean up the mess.. But in the real world when a notice is given, ie: Mandatory Directives, Signed Court Orders or even common sense on obvious crimes, they cannot hold court on the street and contest the individuals account there.. I'm sorry but if you have a Warrant, Order for Arrest... plan on going to the Magistrates Office, and explaining to a Magistrate why you didn't go to court and why the right of Due Process does not apply to you.. Lemme know how that turns out.. Otherwise arm-chair police officers will continue to bash and vocalize their beliefs simply based on what they have heard through their cousins, cousin, who one knew this other person, who was punished for doing something wrong, or watched on tv right on and on... I love the comment on the super police force in Bladenboro... Should we discuss your rebuttle?? I'm sure you were cited for breaking a law that only applies to every one else but you.. Lemme guess you live in Bladenboro.. You have been in the "Third World" community based setting so long your opinion weighs more than that of a General Statue..?? I'm sorry.. In laymans terms that means " If you break the Law, and get caught, learn from it." Don't scrutinize those for doing their job.. sigh.. I love yall.. and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.. thanks WWAY for letting me vent ..


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