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Huckleberry, pipe down and go back to school...

...before you spread around any more of your ignorance to the general public. You clearly don't have a law degree and you clearly don't understand this country's doctines!
First, there is a huge difference between written "criticism" and written "allegations". Second, be careful as to how you express your disrespect for a judge or anyone else in written form. You could just as easily be tracked, located, served and find yourself in a serious lawsuit, exactly in the same manner as Mr. Rapp and countless thousands of others that don't know when it's time to shut up on a public forum. Then YOU and Mr. Rapp will wish you had never even seen Facebook, much less post your big, brave statements for the world to read. Then and only then, is it possible for you to learn a huge lesson.
Never forget, just because nobody can see your face, know your name or know where you live doesn't mean that it can't be easily discovered! Being a bad-a$$ed, faceless cyber warrior can have its consequences, no matter how invulnerable you feel!


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