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No offense taken, but you're not looking too smart.

If you would like to quote and reference the first ammendment, you need to read it and CLEARLY understand it. Confusing "free speech" with "written accusations" is a common mistake made by those that don't understand. It can be very costly and time consuming mistake, especially when addressing someone whoe DOES understand the 1st Ammendment AND law...Like a judge.

Rapp clearly picked the wrong adversary to spout his mouth off about! He will pay for the remainder of his life due to his own lack of knowledge and his inability to keep his flytrap shut.

And I add to that: Thank you FaceBook! Once again, you expose the idiocy of the people that purposely and voluntarily allow you to exploit them, only by them giving up THIER RIGHT TO PRIVACY!!! Anyone want to take THAT one to court?

Didn't think so.......


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