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Diminished Quality of Life in Bladen

Thank you, Mr. Hubbard, for sharing this valuable information about lax supervision at Bladen County Jail. The jailers, derelict in their duties, allowed a man to be beaten almost to death because they were not taking their jobs seriously--and this attitude, unfortunately, permeates county government.

If I had sustained the painful injuries Joshua Ward has had inflicted on him by inmate thugs because jailers were watching television or chatting on the phone, I would take them to court for dereliction of duty.

The quality of life for residents of Bladen County has diminished considerably in the last ten years. County commissioners meet frequently, but they rarely address important issues that really affect residents. Each meeting is the same old same old.

If you are asked to serve on any county commitee, you will soon realize that there are few ideas, that it is all talk, no action. Most county employees are just half-heartedly doing their jobs--lazily going through the actions. They will never address anything that needs to be addressed if it is the least bit controversial because they don't want to make waves.

Bladen has few jobs, and no one is doing anything to attract industry. Bladen is so poor that it cannot even sustain an automotive dealership, but we have dozens of unsightly used-car lots.

I think if any industry, scouting for a location, looked at the eyesores that line Bladen's major highways, they would judge the people to be too uneducated and lazy. Therefore, the scouters would reject Bladen and look for a cleaner county to locate their business.

I moved a couple of years ago to Moore County--for the most part a clean county-- and I return to Bladen often to visit family. Each time I return, the environment looks even worse. People in Bladen do not take pride in keeping their properties clean, and, unfortunately, that's just fine with county leaders.

Because of lack of innovative leadership, fhe future of Bladen is to sink lower into poverty and environmental squalor.


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