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Its Funny How...

Its funny how this current Sheriff is having the same problem as the old Sheriff with the Jail. Every year the Grand Jury takes a tour of the jail to inspect it. The citizes of Bladen County get to look at the quality of the jail and suggesst improvements or if its unsafe or should be SHUT DOWN. The County Commisioners are told of these findings and for years and have done nothing about it. Both Sheriff's have asked and asked and asked for years for a new jail. The County Commissioners have denied it everytime. The county offices esp the sheriff's office are not getting approved for new positions to keep up with soceity's changes and growth. These people are having to work with whats been given to them, which is nothing. You have the 4th largest county in the state, and on an average of 3-4 deputies patroling it. Thats an open invitation to criminals to come to our county and sell there drugs, break into our homes, and rob our families at smallest freaking wal-mat in the state. One of your main problems with Bladen County Jail is that its small,old, out dated. You cant seperate Violent criminals from people who have missed a court date like Ward. There is mostly only 3 jailers working at a time. Definately not enough people to be looking over 100 people at times.But your Commisioners and county Manager say... we dont need a new jail... you dont need more man power... we dont have gangs in Bladen..... we dont have a drug problem in Bladen....we sorry county employee's havent had a cost of living raise in 8 years.... But yet give them self raises, and buy them new things. The citizens of Bladen County need to stand up and voice there opinion and not give up untill there is change!!


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