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Brendle's questions are good ones - on many different levels.

First - understand that McCrory has DOUBLE the number of appointed positions available than Bev did. The legislature allowed this, by law, in the last sessions. If McCrory fills all of them that will make him the WORST Governor in history for paying back political favors - just by the sheer numbers alone. I hope he doesn't fill them all to be honest with you.
Second these are plum jobs. These jobs are high paying jobs with? Yep retirement bennys if they go two full terms. These folks are NOT protected by the Office of State Personnel but are covered by the state retirement program. This means they can be fired for no reason without recourse but after 8 years - who cares?
After 8 years they are vested. They get retirement benny's. Which includes? Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage until death - paid for by? Yep - US. Yes, it is secondary insurance to Medicare but it is still a future cost burden to the state - and a BIG ONE.
You rail against Bev and the Dems for fiscal mistakes Tom - where's your outrage on this? This could turn out to be the biggest legal "scandal" of our day and you are silent on it. This dwarfs anything Bev ever did and the legislature approved it - doubled the appointments from 500 to 1,000 jobs.
You talk unemployment and how its good to cut back to $350 per week maximum benefit in order to pay back a debt?
When at the same time our governor is gong to layout 1,000 appointments that will require a huge fiscal outlay in years to come
for benefits.

Comments Tom?



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