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My fellow citizens

(Vog sprays his hair (whats left of it) looks into the camera:
"My fellow citizens, in spite of our best effort to bankrupt the city the city remains sound. To all of you cheapskates, tightwads and anti Saffoists I say thanks a lot for voting against the ball park. You know how embarrassing that was for me? Well DO YOU? I believed Port City Baseballs drivel and sold it to Mandalay and the Braves. So now we have to pursue other means to pay for it because it WILL get built.
To all you bloviating fiscal pigs I say to heck with you all I will build it anyway. But I digress.
Now that the ballpark is a moot point I suppose all you tightwads will turn your attention to the Convention Center eh? Good - I hope it gives you all heartburn because as much as we tried it's losing money and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future - deal with it. I do believe there will a movement after I leave office to name it after me. I accept this honor, in advance.
I announce I will not run for re-election and nominate Kevin (The pit Bull) O'Grady to ascend to the throne as King. Please, upon paying homage to him, make sure you drop a little something into his pocket as you attempt to kiss his bu...I mean ring.
If the naming of the Convention Center doesn't work out feel free to name the upcoming Skyway Bridge after me - after all - I am the king of unwanted, unnecessary and expensive projects, and you should remember me always.
Good night and may Dad.... I mean God bless the city of Wilmington"


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