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Deputy Do-Nuts

I don't honesty understand what there could be to investigate or think Sheriff McMahon so eliquently put it "To avoid a knee-jerk reaction". You have a video showing a public servant using a tax-payer owned vehicle in a reckless and destructive manner. And for what purpose? To show off in front of others. I am impressed. My question is who is going to replace the tires that have now been spent needlessly in a parking lot to catch no one? Who pays for the extra gas this wasted generously with the supped-up engine drinking gas for the purpose of pleasure at a rate of a gallon a foot? If he had caused physical damage to property at the Industrial Park where this took place who would have paid for it? If someone had unknowingly pulled into the parking lot...say an employee who had EVERY right to be there and pulled into the path of the reckless deputy would the deputy have paid the medical and property damage costs? The taxpayers? Would the employee have been wrongfully charged so to avoid trouble for the deputy? Yes, I believe the last option is the one that would have transpired by a deputy who has already demonstrated full disregard for tax payer owned property and public safety as well as disregard of the very laws he is sworn and paid to uphold and enforce. I don't think there should be much to consider here. This deputy should be terminated effective immediately, ticketed for reckless driving, damaging public property and endangerment of life and property, and finally the vehicle should be inspected by a mechanic from the ground up and the deputy should be fined for the cost of any repairs needed to the car while in his possession as well as a set of tires and a full tank of gas. If you want to act like a child, do it in your time in your vehicle, not in one we have to pay for and fix.


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