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Yes while I agree this type of stunt was not appropriate and definetly unprofessional I think some people are overreacting. People are saying "what if" someone had pulled into the parking lot? and "what if" this and that. ANy situation could be "what if'd" to death. And then to say if someone had pulled in the "deputy" would have some how charged that person. I say it is a pretty big stretch to go from a tax paid deputy driving carelessly and recklessly, to absolute police coruption and illegaly charging someone. I have personally seen deputies and police officers speeding througout the county and the city. Yes I am sure some are on there way to calls for service but I also agree that a portion are not and are speeding. I also ask that if the comment about the person following the officer who was apparently speeding all the way to the police station who wa actually causing more risk. The most likely driver's trained officer or the "concerned citizen" who followed him at the alleged high speed he was doing. No the officer is definetly wrong but you are complaining and were doing the same thing. Officers and Deputies should maintain a higher standard but they are also human. No it is not okay for anyone to break the law but every single person has at somepoint drove faster then a speed limit or failed to use a turn signal (especially here in ILM). Everyone wants to chastise the police every chance they get. I am not defending inappropriate actions by police but why does it seem people always want to beat them up in the media every chance they get.


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