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I CAN SEE IT NOW...... (officer) "guys now I am going to have to write you a ticket for this and you are going to have to jump through hoops to be told not to do this! Please stop acting like children."........ as soon as the ticket is given the oinker says "WATCH THIS MAN I HAVE A COOL COP CAR, I CAN DO ANYTHING!!! WATCH I WILL PULL SOMEOME OVER FOR SPEEDING BUT I WILL BLOW YOUR DOORS OFF AND USE MY SIRENS TO BLAST THROUGH THE RED LIGHTS WHEN NOTHING IS GOING ON!!!! WPD/NHCSD/NCHP Please find something better to do rather than mess with people who are having a good time and keeping to themselves. Maybe instead of riding your little tricycles around sniffing for WEED sniff around for some real crime. Quit hiding to try and catch people too. I moved up north to a MUCH more populated area and I do not see half of the law enforcement just RIDING around here! Do some work and quit hasseling so many freaking people!


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