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absolutely blown out of proportion

Sure, it was a stunt that some people are getting uptight about.. There's certainly worst things that he could have done. If anything, it at the very least showcases expert driving skills, which makes ME as a fellow biker feel better. Should the Deputy have done that? Hindsight say "nah", and I hope he gets back to work soon. Should the video have been released in the first place? Also "nah".. that's something you tell your friends about and show them on your phone but don't post, with the realization that this exact scenario could occur via vast and immediate social networking.

Personally, I kinda like seeing the officer have a bit of fun. Taxpayer dollars? sure.. But we taxpayers also fund things like $15,000 KEYBOARD HOUSINGS for war ships and submarines (when they could be made from plastic for $2.00) and many, many other things we never get to see, enjoy, use; and things that are grossly overpriced "just because the government will pay it"...Yet no one bitches about that.

The stunting community is shocked and appalled at the "leaking" of this video to local media, and is profusely apologetic to the officer(s) involved and wishes simply to ride without worrying about rustling feathers. Despite the Deputy's actions, any disciplinary measures incurred we not the intent of the video. I can assure you that, personally knowing some of those involved. They (the stunt riding community) also realize, due to the tight-knit brotherhood of officers, any public riding henceforth probably opens up the door for potential retaliatory measures. At least that's the general feel in the air; that there's now targets on the back of every sportbike rider in town.

I doubt highly that my comment will greet anyone of importance or influence on the young Deputy's career, but it is my hope that the dust settles quickly and no real harm is impinged on either party. It will take a lot to besmirch the fine name of the New Hanover Sheriff's Office. This isolated incident is of course frowned upon, but is getting grossly blown out of proportion. I understand videos like this and the actions herein are sen as detrimental to the Sheriff's Office, but as previously stated, there's worse things he could have done.

On behalf of the local sportbike community, we never wish harm, though sometimes we ourselves make some questionable decisions. In regards to wheelies and stunts, they wish to ride in a safe environment. It IS available confined within parkinglots, but that never seems to last long for those who stunt. Then people start wondering why "hell rides" occur on the streets (like the streetfighterz in St. Louis do annually.

If you're a rider, you know how addictive it is, whether you're a track rider, drag racer, land-speed racer, dirt rider, flat track or stunting. They're all equally addictive. Sadly, only the racing has (somewhat) readily available avenues to "scratch the itch".. All these guys want is a parkinglot in which they can practice and have fun, without fear of ramifications from a video that got "into the wrong hands". I'm certain all officers want is for these guys to stop killing it in parkinglots as well.. haha! Again, that video was never intended to besmirch or sully the face of the Sheriff's Office, and as (sort of) an ex-stunter and someone in the sportbike community, we apologize for something that has gone above and beyond something that should have equated to a slap on the wrist.


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