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I can agree

With McCrory to a point but the WWAY story is way too short - they should have posted MORE quotes from Pat's speech because the speech itself showed the REAL problem.
McCrory said there were hundreds if not thousands of jobs unfilled due to lack of skills. To that I agree however McCrory needs to understand along with the Legislature what happens in the UNC and community college system here.
First graduationfigures:
UNC SYSTEM = 80,000 per year
CC system - 150,000 per year
Total = 230,000 per year

But Pat and the Legislature want to fund education base upon how many grads get jobs.
Well McCrory and legislature - I hate to have to break it to you but NC doesn't have that many jobs and YOU are more interested in regulating a woman's Va***** than creating jobs
So before you go screwing this up too badly I propose this.
Teh Gov and Legislature will be judged by how many jobs the create during their tenure.
If they create 230,000 job per year or 1 MILLION jobs over Pats 4 year term they will gt my vote.
Otherwise I vote STRAIGHT Democratic ticket.
Got that Thom Goolsby?
Do you know now where your priorities are?

Of course my argument is lunacy - but so is the governor's - and I share his frustration - but to base funding on obtaining jobs when he hasn't created them yet is disingenuous and dangerous.

I am getting more and more disappointed by what I'm hearing - but it is only days so I will give him time



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